Diving in Dayang

Dayang is well-recognized as one of the world’s top dive destinations,
with its coastal waters having a wealth of superb
dive sites hidden within.

Marine Life Highlights in Dayang

Butterflyfish | Diving in Dayang | Dive Dayang
Clark's Anemonefish
Batfish | Diving in Dayang | Dive Dayang

Dive Sites in Dayang

Captain’s Point

On the northern area of Dayang lies the Captain’s Point in which it is also known for its local name as Tanjong Batu Roncheck. It is the best diving site to witness some Eagle Rays and Manta Rays. This site has varieties of soft coral that stretches across ocean depths and prolificfish-life that includes Parrotfish, Wrasses, Sweetlips, some species of Nudibranchs and Coral Gouper.

Accessible by boats and easy to find, this diving site has an average depth of 20 meters to a maximum depth of 25 meters. It is more challenging when tides are high and currents are strong with a visibility of 10 to 30 meters.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 20m
Maximum Depth: 25m
Average Visibility: 10m – 30m

Crocodile Rock

A rock formation that looks like crocodile’s head is where this site is named after. Located at the eastern side of Aur, this site has a visibility of 10-30 meters that is also schooled by large barracudas roaming around the waters.

Crocodile Rock is famous for its marine life and the place itself. Tourists can witness the beauty of sea turtles as they lurks the area freely. With a depth of 8 meters to 20 meters, it is a perfect place to see lots of thorn sea stars. This diving site is advisable for entry level divers and good for check out divers.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 8m
Maximum Depth: 20m
Average Visibility: 10m-30m

Reyner’s Rock

A small yellow-boxed fish hiding beneath the beautiful corals is one of the greatest find in this site. Off the northern coast of Dayang, be mesmerized as this island is considered as one of the largest sites in Aur.

With an isolated rock that reaches the surface up to 4 meters in height, it is known as one of the favorite diving sites in the area because of its pelagic encounter. Lively marine lives will also welcome you such as Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Jacks, Barracudas, Emperor Angelfish, Napoleons, Damselfish, Pufferfish, Batfish, giant Clams, and Butterflyfish. While on the southern flank of the rock, jumble of huge blocks, large grottoes, and swim throughs can be seen. It has a water visibility of 6 meters and a depth of up to 35 meters.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 6m
Maximum Depth: 35m
Average Visibility: –

The Pinnacles | Diving in Dayang | Dive Dayang | Dive Sites in Dayang

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles dive site can be reach at the southern part of the Pinang Channel. This dive site is usually for adventurous and more experienced divers because the level of dive here can be tricky and dangerous due to its bad visibility and strong currents.

With an average depth of 70 feet, there are marine creatures that can be seen, this includes the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, so watch out for them. Notwithstanding its difficulty, the island can also proudly presents to you the large coral outcrops surrounded by slopes of hard corals. Schools of fishes and huge reef fish can be also witness by the tourists.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 70 Feet
Maximum Depth: –
Average Visibility: –

Dayang Tip | Diving in Dayang | Dive Dayang | Dive Sites in Dayang

Dayang Tip

Beginner divers are not left behind because this diving site is perfect for them. As this island is named because it is the tip of Pulau Dayang, it has a steep slope of 10 meters to 20 meters.

This site is placed on the southern part of Pulau Dayang with has an average depth of 10 meters to a maximum depth of 25 meters. A short dive yet a lot to see such as turtles that swarms the area, Nudibranchs, Helmet Shell, Hermit Crab, and Moray Eels.

Pack of amazing hard corals at 5 meters depth can also be spotted. It has a sandy bottom with bunches of coral formations everywhere. A large group of Boxer Shrimps flocks around on rock formations at the end of the sandy bottom of the island with lots of corals.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 25m
Average Visibility: –

Dayang Jetty

Recommended night dive is best for this diving site. It is the only jetty in the island with an average depth of 6 meters and 9 meters maximum depth.

The highlights in this site are mostly marine creatures which divers can enjoy to witness. This includes Featherstars that clothed in striking red, juvenile Stonefish that peer closely to the divers, Yellow Snappers that dart in and out of the darkness and cleaner shrimps.

Be extra careful as you dive deeper to the sandy bottom of this site and not to stir up and stay close to the pillars supporting the jetty that is the foundation of the marine lives. This site will never disappoint you as this has a reputation to give divers an opportunity to experience magical and beautiful underwater diversity.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 6m
Maximum Depth: 9m
Average Visibility: –

The Channel

The Channel dive site serves as the split-up between the island of Dayang and Aur. You can find this dive site off the eastern side of Dayang Jetty and some night dives can be done here.

Through this channel, currents tend to race so divers must be extra careful when diving in here, unless they wanted to experience an extremely fast drift dive. White Morays, Reef Cuttlefish, and other varieties of fish can be seen and in front of the Dayang Island is great for open water training when tides are slack.

It usually has a water visibility of 10 to 25 meters with a maximum depth of 30 meters and an average of 5 meters.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 30m
Average Visibility: 10m-25m

Diving in Dayang

The leafy foliage hollowing the lustrous cleared sea water, a grandiose rock that almost kissing the heavens line and the gaping caves that softly speaking a fable and splendid adventures – all these can be found at Dayang Malaysia.

Dive Dayang Island is locally known as Pulau Dayang. This sunny little island in Malaysia was nigh unknown but with lots of efforts to make its scenic splendor evident to tourist and make it more accommodating; Dayang Island is trying its most to hover the claim being the most beautiful and bountiful island paradise all around the globe.

It is roughly about 65km northeast side of Johore. This island is Malaysia’s pride when it comes to diving. It is the farthest and most exceptional heavenly paradise in the South China Sea. The island is sanctified with black marlin fish. Dive Dayang together with the rest of the 4 islands (Pulau Aur, Pulau Lang, Pulau Pinang and Pulau Pemanggil) in the Johor Marine Park is gifted with copious marine living. It holds a special attraction for many travelers and divers. It is the training ground for thousands of first time divers and this is where it all begins. The first encounter to tropical underwater world starts here and spotting a Manta Ray also begins here.

March to November is the perfect time to visit Dayang Island and dive on its shoreline experiencing the greatest dive ever. You can have a spectacular scuba diving, snorkeling and juggle trekking. Dayang Island is noted for diverse diving sites. Divers have plenty of choice to do, from just walking along the pearly sand beaches, swimming at the shoreline up to diving the deep crystal blue water. As you dive Dayang you will surely be bewilder by its doubtless striking beauty and astonishing marine resources.

Since late 70’s, Dayang Island have been visited by many tourist by just taking a long swim to get to the shoreline of the island. Finding a way to this island is a bit tough before but as soon as you step into the jump point, the 6-8 hours sea journey from mainland is worthy with the extravagant beauty that the island is offering. Today, the 6-8 boat travel at Dayang Island has been conveniently trim down to 3-4 hours travel via well-built jetties. As the boat travel starts, your extra ordinary escapade starts too. The long hour drive is never been a blockade for tourists and divers to be back to this little piece island paradise in Malaysia. Dive in and see what more can Dive Dayang Island has to offer.

Best Diving Season: March to November
Weather: Wet Season October to February
Water Temperature: 21-32°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Manta Ray, Black Marlin, Clark’s Anemonefish, Butterflyfish, Batfish
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility: 15m

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