Dayang Dive Sites

  • Dayang Dive Sites

    The top side of Dayang is a beauty. But, you haven’t seen anything yet! Plunge into the crystal clear waters and be greeted by a world you only imagined in your dreams!

    Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang are two islands in close proximity of sites to dive, from deep trenchers to shallow reefs. Most noted for its pelagic sightings Aur and Dayang have been the place of many sightings of whale shark and manta Ray.

    Diving ranges from rock boulders and submerged reefs to wrecks. The channel between Aur and Dayang is rich with coral reefs in relatively shallow waters. You also have a unique opportunity to dive on a wreck just off the shore of Dayang. Pulau Pinang a rocky area has steep drop-offs that provide shelter to giant stingrays, groupers, large schools of barracudas, and sometimes Manta Rays or whale sharks.

  • Captain’s Point

    Captain’s Point

    Captain’s Point is also known for its local name Tanjong Batu Ronchek. It is better than Batu Ronchek in a way that it is much wilder and more savage. It is a site favored by pelagic and other huge fishes.

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  • Crocodile Rock

    Crocodile Rock

    The site is named after the rock formation off the coast line that looks like a crocodile head. It is situated on the eastern side of Aur Island. With an average depth of 10 meters, this relatively shallow site is advisable for entry level divers and good for conducting check out dives as well.

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  • Dayang Wreck

    Dayang Wreck

    In 1998, there were two wrecks that sunk at about 100 meters away from Dayang Island. One is sitting upright the sandy bottom at about 30 meters and the other one is in the deeper part, lying on its starboard side at more or less 40 meters.

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  • Pulau Lang

    Pulau Lang

    Pulau Lang is the mouth of the southern end of Dayang and a favorite spot for check out dives. Its name is short name for Helang which means “Eagle”.

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  • Pulau Pinang

    Pulau Pinang

    Pulau Pinang is a small island situated in the south east of Dayang. The name Pinang is the Malay name for the betel-nut palm– Areca Catechu. Botanists states that the palm is not found in the wild, meaning it could have been that previous settlers used the island to grow the Pinang to sustain this ancient habit.

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  • Rayner’s Rock

    Rayner’s Rock

    Rayner’s Rock or Batu Ronchek is located at the most northerly point of Telok Jawa. It is a large rock awash just at the opening of The Channel. Here divers’ can experience swimming with mantas, whale sharks, bumphead parrotfish and other huge pelagic.

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  • Telok Jawa

    Telok Jawa

    This site is also known as Telok Terang which means “Bright Bay” (because the bay faces the rising sun). It is a famous and ideal site in Dayang Island where a peaceful dive can be experienced even when the weather condition is rough. During unpleasant climate, the usual dive in most of the sites is very tough. Good thing there is always an exception because here in Telok Jawa, divers are still able to manage their dives easily.

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  • Telok Mariam

    Telok Mariam

    Telok Mariam is a huge southwestern bay in Pulau Aur. There are tales existing that there is a Ming wreck lying at about 10 meters off Telok Mariam. Being in shallow water, no hint of it is left for exploration.

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  • Telok Sebukang

    Telok Sebukang

    This site is just a few meters away from Dayang Island and close to Aur Island. During the months of March to November or the diving season, expect to have a great dive here for these times are when weather conditions are good. Sight seeing at night is also great.

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  • Telok Teluran

    Telok Teluran

    One of the better dive sites in the eastern coast off Aur Island is Telok Teluran. The site receives the brunt of the weather during the northeast monsoon. With a depth varying from 10 to 20 meters, the dive here can be overwhelming. Drift dive is best done from a boat and when currents are moderate.

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  • The Channel

    The Channel

    Off the eastern side of Dayang jetty are some dive sites where excellent night dive can be done. The Channel separates Dayang and Aur Islands. Through this channel, currents tend to race so divers should better check the tide before diving, unless they want to do an extremely fast drift dive.

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  • The Pinnacles

    The Pinnacles

    The Pinnacles of diving at Dayang and Aur islands are just in the south of the Pinang Channel. These are generally patches reefs rising from a floor at about 30 to 45 meters. There are actually four of them but only two are usually dived, namely, the Pinnacle I and Pinnacle II. As marked on the Admiralty charts, these two are in the most eastern and lies straightly southwards of the Pinang Channel.

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