The Pinnacles

  • The Pinnacles

    The Pinnacles

    The Pinnacles of diving at Dayang and Aur islands are just in the south of the Pinang Channel. These are generally patches reefs rising from a floor at about 30 to 45 meters. There are actually four of them but only two are usually dived, namely, the Pinnacle I and Pinnacle II. As marked on the Admiralty charts, these two are in the most eastern and lies straightly southwards of the Pinang Channel.

    Among the two, Pinnacles II is the more commonly visited by divers. However, both of them have very large coral outcrops surrounded by slopes of hard coral. The corals are in fine conditions and the outcrops are visible from the surface.

    The Pinnacles host lots of big fish including mantas, barracudas, and tunas which are usually seen plus shoals of huge reef fish that frequently cover the underwater peaks.

    Diving at the downside of the Pinnacles may be dangerous for amateur divers. It is entirely exposed to elements, currents run from sever to suicidal and there is no shelter if a squall should spring up during dive.